Now this is the time for Wizkid and Davido to stop the nonsense

What will it take for Wizkid and Davido to end their feud.

Wizkid & Davido  (Instagram)

Wizkid and Davido are unarguably the biggest artists in Nigeria at the moment.

We can go on and on about the achievements these guys have, from nominations to awards to sold out concerts only stars from the United States andEurope can pull, the list is endless.

Unfortunately, Wizkid and Davido have been caught in an on and off beef since 2012. Recent events has pushed this beef from just words to physical fights.

The entourage of the pair squared off in faraway Dubai where they performed One Music Africa Fest.

Now ,we think its high time these guys call off this beef they have going on between themselves. A lot of people can't even recall how this feud started. It's probably over nothing.  There's nothing wrong with beef as long it stays on record.

Wizkid performs at his sold out show at the Royal Albert Hall  (Michael Tubes Creation)

Remember the beef between rappers 2Pac Shakur and Biggie? We all know how that ended as they both lost their lives in the course of a needless battle for supremacy. If you take a closer look, immediately after these rappers died, it brought peace to the hip-hop music community which also saw a new wave of prosperity among them.

Should Davido be blamed?  (Instagram/Davidoofficial )

Nobody wants to see Davido and Wizkid go through all that. They have to take a chill pill. Going all the way out in a foreign country to flex muscles isn't going to help promote their brands. Competition is healthy in the music industry but attacking each other physically is a big NO!

Wizkid recovers from illness  (Instagram/wizkidayo )

For all the "Yes Men" around these guys who help fuel the already existing feud between these guys, its high time you begin to have a rethink and make these guys become friends rather play the cat and dog act.

Davido  (Style House Files)

Davido and Wizkid continue to make amazing songs and blossom with your careers while taking into cognizance the utmost priority of playing it safe and not turning fans against themselves.

No one wins Wizkid and Davido start fighting. However, if the rivalry is strictly music, we all win- Wizkid, Davido and the music culture.

Say no to violence.

Now this is the time for Wizkid and Davido to stop the nonsense Now this is the time for Wizkid and Davido to stop the nonsense
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