Haters thrive on attention

I wrote a post some time ago that you should not waste your time trying to get everyone to like you because there will always be an abundance of haters and haters are always gonna hate- that’s what they do best.

This post is, therefore, in continuation of that line of thought.

I believe that the ministry of haters has thrived this much because the world as a whole has given it too much attention. When you go on social media, you see different captions like, ‘I don’t care about you’, ‘say whatever you want about me, it won’t change who I am’ etc. Then, I wonder, “If you really don’t care, would you spend so much time saying you don’t?” 

I think many ladies are finding it fashionable these days to be haters and act like they don’t need anyone else. They are given so much attention for being divas with bitchy attitudes (pardon my French). It is therefore now becoming the ‘in’ thing. If the world really did not care about them or whatever trash they spewed, I believe there really would not be so many haters. 

Thus, my advice to ladies out there proclaiming not to care is that if you really don’t care then don’t talk about it. The more attention you give the haters, even if it is negative attention, they will still love it. This simple principle is why celebs will tell you that all publicity is good publicity. It is no publicity at all that becomes bad publicity.

On that note, can we all just shut the haters up once and for all by not paying any attention to them?


Haters thrive on attention Haters thrive on attention
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