After workout do’s and don’ts

You just finished your workout and you are feeling super-awesome and proud of yourself. It’s a great feeling and I share in your joy. You need to be careful otherwise your after-workout can affect your excellent pre and workout plans.

You need to stretch after your workout to prevent your muscles from contracting, reducing muscle soreness and stiffness. Please, do not skip your stretches.

Drink water! Your body has lost some fluids from your workout session and you need to replenish it. There is need to drink water after your workout and eat fruits with water content.

It is a common practice to touch your face to wipe off sweat. Resist the temptation. Gyms are never the cleanest of places and during the course of your workout, you will have accumulated bacteria from so many places. Ladies, hands off that beautiful face! Use a clean face towel instead and wipe machines after use in the gym.

Practice personal hygiene. Change out of your sweaty workout clothes and shower as soon as you can to prevent body acne.

Sleep! After an intense workout, you need to get a good night's sleep. Your body needs it to heal and build strong muscles. Keep track of progress made. It will keep you motivated. I mean, if you did ten pushups this month, you can increase it to fifteen next month. There are apps to help you track your progress.

Remember, what you do after the workout is as important as what you do before and during the workout.

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