Young girl tied upside down, tortured on witchcraft allegation

A Facebook user has called on the Borno State government to investigate the brutal torturing of a young lady who was tagged a witch.

The Borno State government should get justice for this girl  (Alh. Fari Muhd)

Disturbing photos has been causing serious consternation on the social media showing a young lady being tortured by some people on the allegation of being a witch and killing many members of her family.

The incident which was posted by a Facebook user, Alh. Fari Muhd, reportedly happened in Borno State and in it, the lady is seen stripped to her underwear and tied upside down to a pole and being brutalized by the people who are believed to be her relatives.

According to Alh. Muhd, the people torturing the girl were said to have repeatedly asked her to confess and name the people she had killed before she was discovered while others are kept saying that she had eaten many people in the family and deserves to die.

The poor girl must get justice  (Alh. Fari Muhd)

In his Facebook post, Alh. Muhd wrote in Hausa asking that the authorities in the state should investigate the matter and make sure the victim gets justice over rhe dehumanizing act on her.

This is what he wrote:

"Wallahi yazama wajibi ga hukumomin jihar Borno dasu bincika sugano inda akacima wannan baiwara Allah mutunci a bimata hakkinta.'

And this is the translation:

'It is very important that the authorities of Borno State should investigate and get to the root of this matter as they tortured this daughter of God and get justice for her."

The Facebook post by Alh. Fari Muhd  (Alh. Fari Muhd)


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