What is the largest lake in Africa and where is it located

Would you like to know what the largest lake in Africa is? Where is it located? When you are in Uganda, be sure to go to Lake Victoria. It is the largest lake on the African continent. Only in this lake can you find the fish, Lang. This fish is pretty spectacular. It knows how to hold inhaled air in the gills - just the way humans hold air in their lungs. This fish represents a link, so-called "adapter", between fish and animals on land. In addition to this, the largest lake is full of crocodiles.

Victoria is part of the Owen Falls reservoir built in the 1950s. Kenya and Tanzania can also boast having this lake, since it is partially located in Uganda. Victoria is about 750,000 years old. It was discovered by an Englishman, explorer of Africa John Henning Speke in 1858. And since John was not only an Englishman, but also a patriot of his country - the lake was named after the then-active Queen of Great Britain, Victoria.

Another phenomenon is the incredibly rapid formation of new species and subspecies of fish. This phenomenon puts Darwin's theory of evolution at a dead end, since he argued that this is only possible after a long period of time. But little fishes from Lake Victoria are stalling not only the theory of Darwin, but also that of many scientists. In the same place, a few years later, another new species was observed.

In addition to its rich underwater world and its inhabitants, the lake is also famous for the fact it's where the sacred Nile originated from. Victoria is the largest lake in Africa and the second largest in the world. Fresh water in the lake is of excellent quality, medium-hard and has low transparency due to the influence of salts and minerals in this lake. The water is warm and basically adheres to the mark 25-26 °C. In the north, the lake crosses the equator.

There is also the ‘Lokhnese monster’ in the lake. At least, so the residents say, who are forced to tolerate similar and frequent chases of their boats and ships. The say that some unknown creature always tries to turn the boat over. They call this mysterious animal ‘lukvat’. Over the years, it was seen not only by local residents, but also by many tourists, among whom is the American athlete, Bronson.

Summarizing all the information collected, zoologists agree that this can be a dinosaur of a smaller proportion. If you take into account that ten-meter-long crocodiles live in the lake, then why not? After all, the only representative of the dinosaur era, the fish Lang, lives here.

Thus, having visited the largest freshwater lake in Africa, you will not only see crocodiles and many interesting colorful fish, you will be witnessing the sources of the beginning of the Nile River and the place where the equator passes, but maybe you will be lucky enough to see the local monster.

Top interesting facts about the largest lake in Africa

1. Where is it located?

East Africa, on the territory of Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, in the tectonic trough of the East African platform.

2. When is it better to go there?

The best time to visit the lake is from June to September, but the time of arrival should be carefully chosen, depending on the planned routes.

3. How to get there?

It takes about half an hour's drive from the international airports of Mwanza (Tanzania), Entebbe (Uganda) and Campla (Kenya).

4. What sport can you indulge in there?

Boat excursions, chimpanzee hunting, canoeing, regional and sports fishing, foot safaris and bird watching. Due to the fact that there are no large predatory animals and rhinoceroses here, you can pass safely on foot. You can observe the nesting of aquatic species of birds and a unique variety of butterflies.

5. What is the area of Lake Victoria?

68 thousand km2, the size of 320 to 240 km, the length of the coastline - 7 thousand km.

6. What is the depth of the lake?

Up to 80 m.

7. What is its way of ‘feeding’?

Lake Victoria receives food mainly from heavy rainfall. The largest tributary is the Kagera River.

The main attraction of the lake is the shy antelope of Sitatunga. The surroundings of the lake are also an ideal place for an ornithological safari. Visitors are attracted, as this lake is kind of a legend among local people because of its mysterious monster. So if you decide to travel to the biggest lake in Africa, be sure take your time and enjoy the sights!


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