Take A Look At The New Concept Cars At The 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

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This week saw the unraveling of a number of different cars at the Tokyo Motor Show. The show included everything ranging from SUV utility vans to Artificial Intelligence driven motorcycles and all the way to sleek sports cars. Let us take a look at a few of these cars and what they are made of.

There was a great emphasis on 4x4s in this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. One of the most promising among those being Toyota’s Tj Cruiser. This model combines the utility of a van with the ruggedness of an SUV. The cruiser comes with rear sliding doors and seats that fold to create a huge floor to move a ton of stuff around. The passenger side folds as well into the floor that extends all the way to the dashboard, allowing items as long as 10 feet to be easily fitted.

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The Cruiser comes with a hybrid 4 wheel drive, with fuel efficiency and is perfect for driving in the city due to its high traction. It also has an off-road capability if you are feeling adventurous and want to venture out into the mountains or into muddy terrain.

Suzuki has shown off its own little 4×4. The first glance makes you get into the driving seat and take the car off-road to get wild. The e-Survivor follows the Suzuki’s trend of small but sturdy 4x4s. The vehicle has plenty of ground clearance and an open-air cabin with transparent doors. According to Suzuki, it has a ladder frame and an electric 4 wheel drive.

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Moving on to the sportier side of things, Mazda probably comes on top where it introduced not one but two brilliant concepts. Mazda unveiled a four-door hatchback concept, Mazda Kai with a saloon-ish design with smooth, buttery lines as a new generation of Mazda’s KODO design language. The second design, Vision Coupe is a longer than the first car and is a flowing four-door coupe. The two equally brilliant designs allow you to choose whatever rocks your boat.

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Toyota was not to be left out as they went on and introduced their own GR HV Sports concept. Equipped with eco-friendly, fuel-efficient Toyota Hybrid System-Racing Powertrain, this two-seater has a rear wheel drive. This design has been inspired by the Gazoo racing TS050 Hybrid Racing car.

(Source: New Atlas)

These are the few top picks from this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite or any other vehicle you want us to cover.


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