Ladies, Here Are 10 Types Of Men You Should Never Marry

Choosing a life partner is not a joke

Getting married to the wrong person can wreck your life. It’s fine to date bad boys and irresponsible boys for the thrill of it, but marrying them is the worst mistake you can make. Marrying the right person is essential, and because we really care about you, we’ve decided to share the types of men you should never ever marry. We don’t care how much you love him, how handsome he is or how rich he is, don’t marry him.

1. The liar

Does he lie about little things? These little things are going to become big things as time goes on. If you can’t believe every word he says, then don’t marry him.

2. The poser

This guy dresses well and has a good car. But every time you guys go out together, he claims he forgot his wallet and asks you to pay the bill. He also constantly borrows little sums from you promising to pay back. Run for your life sis.

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3. The flirt

If you’re dating a man that has no respect for you and constantly flirts with everything in a skirt, he’s definitely going to cheat on you if you marry him.

4. The guy with ‘potential’

This guy claims to have so much potential and is constantly in the process of trying to get his life together while living off you. It’s not a bad thing to support your man’s dreams, but if his ship is heading nowhere, it might be time to jump off.


5. The workaholic

This guy is great, hardworking and successful, but his work constantly takes priority over you. He’s always travelling and cancelling dates. Every time you ask him to come and meet your parents, somehow work gets in the way. If you marry him, he’s going to take care of you financially, but you will be dissatisfied in so many other ways.

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6. The Mummy’s boy

This man is amazing. He knows how to take care of a woman and communicate properly. The only problem is that he’s tied to his mother’s apron strings and constantly tells her all your business.  If you marry him, you’re marrying his mother too.

7. The Abusive man

If he’s physically or emotionally abusive, run away sis.

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8. The Addict

If your partner is addicted to drugs or alcohol, your married life will never be blissful.

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9. The insecure man

If he always gets jealous and angry when he sees you talking to and relating with other men, then it’s a bad sign.  Trust is very important in a relationship and even more crucial in a marriage. If he is always suspicious of every single person that comes close to you, then think twice about being in a lifetime partnership with him.


10. The extravagant spender

Financial responsibility is very important. If he’s more concerned about popping bottles in the club every Friday and wearing designer outfits instead of saving and investing, he’s not the one for you.

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