5 people we are tired of in Nigerian pop culture

We are sure you that you are tired of these people in our list.

There are some people you have just had enough of. You don't want to see them ever again.

Sadly, these bunch of people keep popping up on TV, newspapers, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It's like everywhere you go, these people are there to haunt you.

Guess what? We too are tired and don't want to hear from them in a long while. Here are 5 culprits whp have done too much talking and need to sit down.

1) Bobrisky

Bobrisky's major acting debut  (YouTube/Olumo)

It's been a couple of years the cross-dressing Snapchat king (or queen) invaded Nigerian pop culture with his antics. It all started as a joke but slowly Bobrisky became fixed in our minds thanks to his videos which can best be described as oddly captivating. Bobrisky has spent his 15 minutes of fame but somehow he refuses to go away. We are tired of him and his rants on Nigerian women and his imaginary haters. Bobrisky should take a break, a very long break till God knows when.

2) Hush Puppi

Please, Hush Puppi be gone  (Instagram )

We won't dwell on this Instagram personality too long. He makes designers look bad and flaunts his mysterious wealth in an obnoxious worse. To make matters worse, he thinks he is better than hardworking celebs because they don't wear the same things as him. It's a shame some media outlets keep writing about him. Hush Puppi should go back into the hole he crawled from.

3) Uche Maduagwu

Uche Maduagwu is now making waves as Nollywood's king of controversy.  (Instagram)

This man is known more for his controversial statements than his movies. Well, that needs to tell you everything about him. Maduagwu always finds a way to put himself in the conversation even when he is not needed. Well, he is not needed at all. He should stick to movies and save us from his unwarranted statements.

4) Dino Melaye

Senator Dino Melaye  (Instagram/Dino Melaye )

The infamous senator needs a serious timeout. He has a knack for saying the wrong things or being in trouble. His questionable fashion sense hasn't made things better for him. It won't be bad if Dino Melaye actually focuses on his job.

5) Ayo Fayose

Governor Ayo Fayose  (Twitter/jacksonpbn)

The Governor of Ekiti state needs no introduction. There is hardly any day that he does not make a controversial statement or blast President Buhari. If he is not doing any of these things, he is making PR stunts at Muslim prayer grounds. He intends to run for President in 2019 if he does we won't hear word again.


5 people we are tired of in Nigerian pop culture 5 people we are tired of in Nigerian pop culture
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